After years of litigation, Attorney Lewis has experienced firsthand the destruction that can result from traditional litigation. The parties are often left feeling emotionally and financially drained, having used valuable resources towards an end result that does not address the family's unique issues. In Mediation, Meredith works with the two parties in face to face meetings to create a peaceful and cost effective resolution, allowing them to have complete control over the process and outcome. Whether the issue is custody, support or property division, Meredith uses her years of experience to assist the parties in creating a settlement that allows them to have a peaceful transition to their new lives.

Collaborative Divorce

This is an alternative to litigation that allows the parties to problem solve in a safe and confidential setting, utilizing the resources of a trained team of professionals. With a team of experts, the parties create a settlement that meets the needs of their family. With Collaborative Divorce, the parties sign a written agreement not to go to court for resolution of their case. The parties work with a team, including family law attorneys, a financial specialist, and mental health professionals. The couple is guided through the process with the support and guidance of the Collaborative team.

Consulting Attorney

In family law cases a party may need an occasional meeting with an attorney to discuss options and to review legal documents. As a Consulting Attorney, Meredith works with a party on a limited scope basis to ensure that he or she is prepared for Mediation or traditional negotiation. Having Meredith as a Consulting Attorney allows a party to be more confident throughout the process, but without the cost of full representation.


Unfortunately, in rare circumstances parties are unable to settle their differences outside of court. In these instances, the attorneys at the at the Law Office of Meredith G. Lewis, with their years of litigation experience, are here to zealously advocate for you within the judicial system.

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